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This 1-day course will teach you the foundations of Pen Testing and how to find and exploit vulnerabilities within different technologies.

This introductory course will train attendees in understanding Pen Testing and provide background information on risks and vulnerabilities associated with different systems and provide insight to how the mindset of a hacker works. Delegates will also get access to an online course environment platform which will be used to practice the concepts taught during the course.

What is the real impact of training your team through NotSoSecure?
Equip your security team with a 360-degree skillset, enabling them to develop confidence as an effective force against web and infrastructure cyberattacks. Trained delegates can:

  • Understand and demonstrate the fundamentals of penetration testing best practice
  • Understand how to tie security testing and other offensive and defensive measures back to authentic attack vectors
  • Use OSINT techniques to enumerate external assets and information about your organisation that could be used to plan a cyberattack
  • Use a range of techniques to identify vulnerabilities in Windows and Linux
  • Understand and explain how security approaches differ by operating system
  • Identify web application and Content Management System (CMS) vulnerabilities

Who Should Take This Class?
System Administrators, SOC Analysts, Penetration Testers, Network Engineers, security enthusiasts and anyone who wants to take their skills to the next level.

Student Requirements
The only requirement for this class is that you bring your own laptop and have admin/root access. During the class, we will give you VPN access to our state-of-the-art hacklab, which is hosted in our data centre in the UK. Once you are connected to the lab, you will find all the relevant tools/VMs. We also provide a dedicated Kali VM to each attendee on the hacklab, so you don’t need to bring any VMs with you, all you need is to install the VPN client and you are good to go!

What will this course cover?
To view the full course outline please click here

Refunds available if notice is given before at least 7 days before the event date


Start date Location / delivery
05 Jun 2023 Online Book now

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