Setting a Secure Password – Microlearning

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Setting a Secure Password – Microlearning

Password Safety eLearning for setting a secure password in your business. This course is available as part of the Compliance eLearning Suite in one great package.

Course Overview
This eLearning course will teach users how to create a secure password, giving hints and tips to ensure that users are protecting themselves, their company, and their customers.

The module will cover the importance of safe passwords, and individuals will learn how to create passwords of a secure length, strength and primarily, will understand the importance of maintaining a unique password for different accounts.

The eLearning will conclude with a quiz to test users knowledge and see if they can identify secure and un-secure passwords.

Course Duration: 5 minutes 
Available in: 1 Language

Tagged in: Cyber Security, Information Security 

Technical Requirements
CPD: This course is eligible for CPD points.

Tailoring: You can tailor this course using the free Adapt Authoring Tool.

What to Expect
Suitable for all professionals and businesses, the main learning outcomes of this course are:

  • The ability to assess your current password protection level
  • The skills to create strong and secure passwords
  • An understanding of how identity theft can happen
  • A basic understanding of password managers
  • An understanding of passphrases

Have you ever wondered how hackers start their journey when breaching company data? It all starts from that single point of failure; the password.

In this age of cyber security and information security, it is remarkable how many passwords are compromised because they are not strong enough. It doesn't matter if it is for business or personal use, not having a secure password can have dire consequences for the individual or organisation. Learn how hackers steal your passwords and how to protect your business from data breaches in our password safety online training course today.

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