Is your business information secure?

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Is your business information secure?

Identify the  risks to keep your company secure. 
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Course Overview
This online training course aims to teach personal responsibilities for keeping data secure in the workplace through gamified scenarios. Learners are challenged to collect shields for correctly identifying information security risks inside a virtual workplace.

The challenge begins by taking a tour of a virtual workplace, its filing systems, and desk space followed by a quiz to test user knowledge, and see if potential risks were accurately identified. As you proceed through the levels, you must collect all the shields to show your understanding of making your business' information secure.

Course Duration: 5 minutes 
Available in: 1 Language

Tagged in: Cyber Security, Information Security 

Technical Requirements
CPD: This course is eligible for CPD points. Tailoring: You can tailor this course using the free Adapt Authoring Tool.
What to Expect
This course highlights red flags to look out for that may impact the security of information in your workplace. Suitable for employees at all levels, the key elearning outcomes of this course are:


  • Keeping cabinets and drawers that hold hard-copy information locked and secure
  • Raising awareness levels about the use of confidential or personal files
  • Locking your PC monitor or laptop screen when away from your desk
  • How to secure mobile devices, such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones
  • The importance of locking-away or encrypting portable storage devices such as USB sticks and CD ROMS.
  • Remembering to shred documents that contain confidential information and personal data

37% of UK businesses experience information security attacks at least once a month. With online information hacking happening every 39 seconds on average, information security is increasingly one of the most crucial considerations all businesses must pay attention to.

By 2020, it's predicted that there will be approximately 200 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices available around the home and workplace. These include more unconventional items like fridges and speakers which will all need varying level of security. The reality is that there has never been a more urgent time to protect yourself, your assets, and your organisation from potential information breaches.


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