Information Security

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Information Security 

This course is available as part of the Compliance eLearning Suite in one great package.

Course Overview
Our Information Security eLearning course provides an overview of this complex topic, and was designed to help keep your confidential business information safe and sound.

The course is designed to raise awareness about employees' personal responsibilities when it comes to keeping information secure and how secure principals should be applied to different sorts of information.

Course Duration: 1 hour + 
Available in: 1 Language

Tagged in: Cyber Security, Information Security 

Technical Requirements
CPD: This course is eligible for CPD points.

Tailoring: You can tailor this course using the free Adapt Authoring Tool.
What to Expect
Suitable for employees at all levels, the key learning outcomes of this course are:


  • How to keep information secure
  • How to set a strong password and use access control measures
  • How to apply the Information Security Triad to different types of information
  • How to maintain the quality of information security systems
  • The financial and legal risk involved in losing sensitive information
  • What your personal responsibilities are when it comes to keeping information secure

As with all of our Compliance eLearning you can tailor this course to your specific requirements using the Adapt Authoring Tool


Everyone is responsible for managing information securely, yet it can be tricky to know exactly what comprises a security risk and what individuals and organisations can do to comply with security policies.

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