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Cyber Transform Bootcamp 
Specialism Apprentice, Cyber Security Consultant, Entry Level, Cyber Security Training, Career Mentoring
Certifications: CompTIA Security +, A+, Network +; EC-Council CEH
Location United Kingdom
Study type Online, Classroom Based
Course Type Fast Track
Qualification Level Certifications, Accredited, Apprenticeship
Duration online self paced
Price on request
About the course
Does this sound like you?
Lack of Career Direction or Growth
You realize your career is going nowhere. You are looking for better options and growth opportunities but don’t even know how to get started to make a significant & positive career change.
There is no challenge or excitement in your career
Your job is very repetitive and you started to feel like a robot at your workplace. There is no challenge, no learning, no excitement in what you’re doing right now.
Lack of financial growth
You are not making enough money to live the life you want. You believe you deserve much more than this to provide yourself and your family, yet you don’t know how to solve this problem once and for all.
Lost interest and energy at your current job
Maybe you were enjoying your career back in the days but now you think it’s pointless. You don’t have the energy the wake up and go to your job, especially on Monday mornings.
You don't see the value in what you are doing
You believe society doesn’t care about what you do. In fact, you also feel the same way. There is no influence, respect or empowering others in your current career.
Corporate culture and values
You feel alone in your workplace. You don’t like the environment, your boss or your colleagues; you believe you don’t belong there.
Start your cybersecurity career journey today
Something for everyone
From Ethical Hacker to Cybersecurity Analyst roles there’s always an exciting job for you! No matter what your background, interests or IT skills are, there are tons of cybersecurity opportunities which you will be a perfect fit.
You will always be in demand
According to (ISC)² research, the shortage of cybersecurity professionals is close to 3 million globally (source).
Learn something new, everyday
Cybersecurity domain is growing very, very fast. To deal with never-ending problems and cyber attacks, you will learn something new each and every day.
Money makes the world go round
The average salary for Cyber Security jobs is £72,500 in the UK. Contractors can earn up to 1000 GBP per day. In the US, lead software security engineers earn an average of $233,333.
The cybersecurity job market is on fire right now.
Working for the greater good
Help companies and people stay safe by defending against cybercrime. Make a real difference and impact in the world by doing a rewarding job.
Be part of a dynamic industry
It is predicted that online crime will cost businesses as much as £1.4 trillion this year. Cybersecurity professionals are among the most valued experts worldwide.
Cyber Transform Career Bootcamp
1) Mindset Development
There is a lot of misunderstandings about the cybersecurity domain and having a successful career in this industry. We will start off by introducing you a totally new mindset so that you will realize it’s entirely possible to make a career move to this domain and command premium salaries.
2) Background Analysis
It is not possible to guide you or help you if we don’t know who you are. We will take a closer look at your background, skills and education so that we can map out your career plan together.
3) Goal Setting
As soon as we understand your background and your current situation, we will take a look at where you want to go. There are tons of job titles in this industry so we will make sure you will start your journey with a solid, achievable and exciting goal!
4) Training
You will learn a lot throughout this program. A little bit of theory and lots of hands-on practice. But we never forget the 70-20-10 rule. The actual learning happens in the workplace via challenging assignments, so our entire focus is to get you a cybersecurity job as soon as possible and let you continue learning while working (and making money).
5) Certifications
Depending on your goals and your current skill set, you may need certifications like Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH), A+, Security+, CySA+ or CISMP. We will make sure you’ll have these certifications so you can easily bypass gatekeepers (recruiters & HR) and impress decision makers.
6) Capstone Project
You will provide your value to the potential employers with the projects/assignments/case studies you will complete by the end of this program. You will “show” instead of “tell”.
7) Networking
As the old saying goes; “it’s who you know, not what you know” You will learn effective networking tips from our experts so that people will know you, trust you, refer you and help you get hired.
8) Marketing & Selling
You are a product. You need to sell your skills and abilities in a way which people will notice you. We will help you market yourself with your CV, Cover Letter and Linkedin Page. You will also learn how to show up to the interviews and be a success story!
Program Details
Who is this for?
This program is for passionate individuals who want a successful career in cybersecurity to solve technological and business-related problems on a daily basis.
Length of the program
6-10 months depending on current skills/experience
Class Schedule
Cohorts start on the 1st day of each month
Live Online, Monday – Thursday, 5:00-7:00pm GMT
£4500 for entire 10-month program or £590/month.
We also offer scholarships for disadvantaged groups (persons with disabilities, refugees, single mothers)
Send your pre-application form today to learn more about the payment options.
Time Commitment
15 hours of self-study time per week (minimum)
5 hours for live-sessions per week
1 day/month for the classroom training & networking session in London
Delivery of the program
Immersive live online, on-demand, classroom-based and practical hands-on training & mentoring sessions.
Classroom Sessions
We will meet for the immersive classroom training & networking program on the First Saturday of each month at our Headquarters in London.
Hands-on Exercises
Extensive hands-on practical challenges delivered via in-house developed environment and state-of-the-art cloud-based platforms.
Capstone Project
We will help you prepare a capstone project depending on your ideal role so instead of simply listing down your training/education background, you will show potential employers your actual value & capabilities.
Successful graduates will receive the Cyber Transform Security Professional (CTSP) certification.
We will also get you trained for the most sought after industry certifications like Security +, CEH, CISMP, CySA+ and more!
Internship / Job Placement Services
We will help you design your marketing materials (CV, Cover Letter, Linkedin Page) to land your ideal role through our recruiters and industry connections.
Career Mentoring
From the very beginning to the very end of the program, you will follow a specific career path which we will design together for you.
Simply because there are more than 200+ job titles in this domain. Every job title, every company and everyone in this program is different. That’s why we will design your unique career path together through our extensive career mentoring & support sessions.
This program is NOT for everyone. You need to be committed, resourceful and coachable to be successful in this program. If you don’t have these personality traits,  don’t apply.
We also expect to see at least an undergraduate level education and genuine interest in how the technology works especially in a business environment. During the enrolment process, we evaluate applicants individually and decide to offer a seat or not. Send your pre-application form today and we will get back to you and let you know if we would be able to sign you up.


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