GCHQ Certified Board and Cyber Awareness training

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GCHQ Certified Board and  Cyber Awareness training

GCHQ-Certified Board/Partner-Level Training

We want your business to be as secure as possible, and we’re excited to offer this training to help make this a reality. The culture of security needs to be a top-down approach. With this GCHQ-certified training course, we aim to encourage business directors and leaders to take a serious approach to adopting methods of cyber security to protect the business, its stakeholders and assets from the effects of a breach. Our strategy for implementing cyber awareness is based on a simple strategy: ‘tone from the top, message from the middle’. This means to set the scene within the upper ranks of management, allowing them to use their department heads to distribute awareness throughout their teams.

  • 72% of UK FTSE 350 boards said they were not trained to deal with an incident
  • 45% of employees receive no cyber security training from their employer


Course Aim
To prompt debate and discussion about recognising a business’ key assets, who may be interested in obtaining these assets and what the effects of a breach would be. From this, the board can begin to take a view of the security measures needed, to ensure they are safe and protected from both internal and external threats.

Please note, Board or Partner Awareness Training sessions can be delivered either in-house or by virtual seminar. This training is GCHQ-certified.

Course Objectives
By the end of this 1 hour seminar, participants will have:

  • Knowledge of the real impact and consequences a breach could have on the business
  • Recognised the vital assets of the business from both an internal and external perspective
  • An understanding of the requirements and regulations of cyber security for businesses
  • Identified a treatment plan for how to begin to mitigate the direct business risks
  • A comprehensive understanding of how cyber security fits into strategic plans and policies


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