Ethical Hacking: An Introduction

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Ethical Hacking:  An Introduction
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Learn the principles and methods of ethical hacking and penetration testing and build your ethical hacking skills.
DURATION - 2 weeks
WEEKLY STUDY - 3 hours
LEARN - Free
Explore the principles and methods of ethical  hacking
What is ethical hacking? How does it work? What principles do ethical hackers follow? Answer these questions and more with the course introducing ethical hacking. You will have the opportunity to learn the principles of ethical hacking and consider its legal and methodological foundations.
You’ll also explore the processes and legal framework of penetration testing and take part in a simple exploitation exercise in the first of a series of carefully-constructed scenarios designed to develop your ethical hacking skills.
What topics will you  cover?
Introduction to ethical hacking
Legal aspects of penetration testing
Penetration testing methodologies
Practical hacking exercise
What will you achieve? 
By the end of the course, you'll be able to...
Explore the principles and aims of penetration testing
Interpret the legal framework in relation to ethical hacking
Explore standard penetration testing methodologies
Perform a simple attack on a target machine
Who This course is for
Professionals and students who already have some knowledge of computer science – or a related discipline – and want to understand more about ethical hacking principles, practices and legislation.
This course is the first in the Ethical Hacking program, part of the  MSc Cyber Security.


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