Advanced Web App Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, and Exploitation Techniques

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Instructor: Adrien de Beaupre
6,275 EUR 6,025 EUR paid by Jun 26

36 CPEs
Laptop Required

Can Your Web Apps Withstand the Onslaught of Modern Advanced Attack Techniques?

Modern web applications are growing more sophisticated and complex as they utilize exciting new technologies and support ever-more critical operations. Long gone are the days of basic HTML requests and responses. Even in the age of Web 2.0 and AJAX, the complexity of HTTP and modern web applications is progressing at breathtaking speed. With the demands of highly available web clusters and cloud deployments, web applications are looking to deliver more functionality in smaller packets at a decreased strain on backend infrastructure. Welcome to an era that includes tricked-out cryptography, WebSockets, HTTP/2, and a whole lot more. Are your web application assessment and penetration testing skills ready to evaluate these impressive new technologies and make them more secure?

Are You Ready To Put Your Web Apps To the Test with Cutting-Edge Skills?

This pen testing course is designed to teach you the advanced skills and techniques required to test modern web applications and next-generation technologies. The course uses a combination of lecture, real-world experiences, and hands-on exercises to teach you the techniques to test the security of tried-and-true internal enterprise web technologies, as well as cutting-edge Internet-facing applications. The final course day culminates in a Capture the Flag competition where you will apply the knowledge you acquired during the previous five days in a fun environment based on real-world technologies.

Hands-on Learning Of Advanced Web App Exploitation Skills

We begin by exploring advanced techniques and attacks to which all modern-day complex applications may be vulnerable. We'll learn about new web frameworks and web backends, then explore encryption as it relates to web applications, digging deep into practical cryptography used by the web, including techniques to identify the type of encryption in use within the application and methods for exploiting or abusing it. We'll look at alternative front ends to web applications and web services such as mobile applications, and examine new protocols such as HTTP/2 and WebSockets. The final portion of class will focus on how to identify and bypass web application firewalls, filtering, and other protection techniques.

You Will Learn:

How to discover and exploit vulnerabilities in modern web frameworks, technologies, and backends
Skills to test and exploit specific technologies such as HTTP/2, Web Sockets, and Node.js
How to evaluate and find vulnerabilities in the many uses of encryption within modern web applications
Skills to test and evaluate mobile backends and web services used in an enterprise
Methods to recognize and bypass custom developer, web framework, and Web Application Firewall defenses

Course Syllabus

SEC642.1: Advanced Attacks
SEC642.2: Web Frameworks
SEC642.3: Web Cryptography
SEC642.4: Alternative Web Interfaces
SEC642.5: Web Application Firewall and Filter Bypass
SEC642.6: Capture the Flag


Start date Location / delivery
23 Jul 2019 Berlin, Germany

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