AWS re/Start Skills Bootcamp Fully Funded by Greater London Authority

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About the course

This course aims to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively utilise Amazon Web Services in their professional endeavours.

What is AWS re/Start?
AWS re/Start is a free, full-time skills development program to jump-start your career working in cloud computing. A technology background is not required to apply and the program is focused on unemployed and underemployed individuals.

What new skills will you acquire in AWS re/Start?
Students will gain an understanding and apply specific measures of AWS needed for corporations and individuals: 

  • Adaptive Communication
  • Time Management
  • Resume Building
  • Interviewing
  • Cloud Computing Skills
  • Usage of different programming languages

What career opportunities does this course provide?
Completing the course leads you to many possibilities, you will be able to enter the Cloud Computing industry with the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed for roles such as:

  • Junior Cloud Engineer
  • Cloud Applications Engineer
  • Cloud Test Engineer
  • IT System Administrator


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