Level 3 Cyber Security - Delivering digital skills fully-funded by Greater Manchester Combined Auth

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About the course

The course aims to assist students in having a better grasp of current information and system security technology practices, learning the security measures and protections while also preparing them for the real-world cyber security job market.

What is Cyber Security?
Cyber security involves techniques that help secure various digital components, networks, data, computer systems from non-authorized digital access.

What new skills will you acquire in cyber security?
Students will gain the understanding and apply specific measures of the cyber security Infrastructure needed for corporations and individuals:

  • Fully capable of using open-source Linux OS
  • Technologies, products, and procedures cybersecurity professionals use to combat cybercrime
  • Identifying characteristics, tactics, techniques cybercriminals use
  • Managing business continuity for cloud computing
  • Cloud security risk infrastructure and risk management
  • Industry practice advice from our lecturers

What career opportunities does this course provide?
Completing the course leads you to many possibilities, you will be able to enter the cyber industry with the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed for roles such as:

  • Junior Security Software Developer
  • Junior Cyber Security Analyst
  • Junior Penetration Tester
  • Junior Cyber Network Engineer

Key Information
Start date: multiple dates available
Duration: 12 Weeks
Course type: part-time
Timetable: Monday to Thursday, 2.00pm to 5.00pm
Delivery: Online (tutor-led classes)
Level: 3
Funding: FREE as it is funded by Greater Manchester Combined Authority

– Live in Greater Manchester or surrounding areas
– Living in the UK for a minimum of 3 years
– You must be over 19
– Level 2 English and Maths required or studying towards

Career Advice
Student and Tutor Support
By completing the course, you will have access to many opportunities. Having the knowledge and skills will enable you to enter the cyber industry.

Phase 1:
Linux Essentials
Linux is also fundamental to all cyber security systems and is vital knowledge for roles within the Cyber Security sector.

Phase 2:
Cyber Essentials
This module is designed for learners who are interested in pursuing more advanced studies in the field of cybersecurity.

Phase 3:
Cloud Security
This module provides a broad overview of cloud security and allows students to gain critical insights into how security issues change in the cloud.

– The Linux Community and a Career in Open Source
– Finding Your Way on a Linux System
– The Power of the Command Line
– The Linux Operating System
– Security and File Permissions

– Principles
– Technologies
– In Practice

– Cloud Architecture
– Infrastructure Security for Cloud
– Managing Cloud Security and Risk
– Data Security for Cloud Computing
– Application Security and Identity Management for Cloud Computing

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