Ethical Hacking Core Skills (EHCS)

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Course Overview

If you have an interest in IT security and want to take your interest to the next level, the EC-Council Ethical Hacking Core Skills (EHCS) course is for you. An an authorised reseller of EC-Council, we are proud to offer this official course to our students. This course will teach you the core skills needed to build a solid security foundation, paving the way for you to pursue more advanced security training.

The EHCS course is perfect for bridging the knowledge between a beginning level security course and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH). You will learn to examine in detail the traffic that traverses the network at the packet and binary level, as well as build solid knowledge on the lowest layers of the network. In addition, you will be given the ability to conduct extensive hands-on exercises, master the TCP/IP protocol and learn essential UNIX and Linus survival skills that will separate you from the many security professionals who are Windows centric.

This certification is held in high regard as finding vulnerabilities and ensuring that they are addressed appropriately can substantially strengthen the networks and systems of any organisation. Given the frequency with which businesses and individuals are attacked, this is not something to be taken lightly and prevention of such attacks are always better than trying to recover from one, as the damage that has been done can very often be irreparable.

Course Information

Ethical Hacking Core Skills (EHCS)

Course Details

Certification: Ethical Hacking Core Skills (EHCS)
Vendor: EC-Council
Course prerequisite: There are no formal prerequisites to study the EHCS course but it is advised that you have an understanding of operating systems, TCP/IP and networking.
Study time: 10-20 hours

Career Path Opportunities

IT Security Officer
IT Security Auditor
Site Administrator
Senior IT Security Analyst
Senior Web Security Engineer
Penetration Tester
Application Security Consultant
Information Security Manager
Threat and Vulnerability Analyst
Cyber Security Manager

What's Included
  • Ethical Hacking Core Skills (EHCS) course
  • 12 months unlimited access
  • Student mentor
  • Student care team
  • Career support


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