Security Leadership Essentials For Managers

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Instructor: G. Mark Hardy
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GSLC Certification
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30 CPEs
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Masters Program
DoDD 8140
(IAM Level 1, 2, 3)

Security managers need both technical knowledge and management skills to gain the respect of technical team members, understand what technical staff are actually doing, and appropriately plan and manage security projects and initiatives. This is a big and important job that requires an understanding of a wide array of security topics.

This course empowers you to become an effective security manager and get up to speed quickly on information security issues and terminology. You won't just learn about security, you will learn how to manage security.

To accomplish this goal, MGT512 covers a wide range of security topics across the entire security stack. Data, network, host, application, and user controls are covered in conjunction with key management topics that address the overall security lifecycle. This also includes governance and technical controls focused on protecting, detecting, and responding to security issues.

This approach prepares you to:

Make sense of different cybersecurity frameworks
Understand and analyze risk
Understand the pros and cons of different reporting relationships
Manage technical personnel
Build a vulnerability management program
Inject security into modern DevOps workflows
Strategically leverage a SIEM
Change behavior and build a security-aware culture
Effectively manage security projects
Enable modern security architectures and the cloud

MGT512 uses case studies, group discussions, team-based exercises, and in-class games to help students absorb both technical and management topics.

This course will prepare you to:

Become an effective information security manager
Get up to speed quickly on information security issues and terminology
Establish a minimum standard of security knowledge, skills, and abilities
Speak the same language as technical security professionals

Course Syllabus

MGT512.1: Building Your Program
MGT512.2: Protecting Data and Networks
MGT512.3: Protecting and Patching Systems
MGT512.4: Leading Modern Security Initiatives
MGT512.5: Detecting and Responding to Attacks



Start date Location / delivery
02 Sep 2019 Munich, Germany

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