Project Ares Mission - Respond to Phishing and Exfil - Operation Angry Tiger

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Missions are scenarios designed to help train and assess skill levels of learners within a realistic story that is either offensive or defensive (i.e. ransomware attack on a hospital). The network environment is more complex than a Battle Room scenario and requires the learner(s) to combine multiple skill sets to complete the learning objectives. They are played individually, or in teams to learn together. Facilitators can also choose to enable or disable hints and enter the scenario to tailor the learning experience.

Players enter an environment and are given mission orders, rules of engagement and must use their skills to compete objectives.

Mission Activity (Blue Team - Defensive)

The intelligence sharing sites have reported that energy companies are detecting an increasing number of phishing emails that pose cybersecurity risks to their Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technology (OT) infrastructure. It is unclear what the intent is of the attack but it is feared that it could be the start of exfiltration theft of intellectual property or even destructive threats to energy services. These companies fear that multiple cyber-attacks could cause significant financial damage and Public Relations concerns.
  • Load Time Easy: - 15 min
  • Medium: - 15 min
  • Time Limit - 40 hrs
  • # of Tasks - 5
  • Hints - Yes
  • Save Session - Yes
  • Team Based - Yes

Learners should be familiar with incident response processes, windows & *nix system administration and network monitoring tools.


The learner will conduct a risk assessment of a company;s existing network structure and its cyber risk posture for possible phishing attacks. They will need to understand the threat vectors used in the cyber-attacks and review any detectable weaknesses to ensure no malicious activity is occurring on the network currently.


Mission Video Briefing


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