Windows User Mode Exploit Development (EXP-301) 90 days

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Windows User Mode Exploit Development (EXP-301) is an intermediate course designed for those who want to learn about exploit development skills. For advanced pentesting, consider taking Evasion Techniques and Breaching Defences (PEN-300). For web application security, try Advanced Web Attacks and Exploitation (WEB-300).

Topics covered in EXP-301 include:
  • WinDbg tutorial
  • Stack buffer overflowsExploiting SEH overflows
  • Intro to IDA Pro
  • Overcoming space restrictions: Egghunters
  • Shellcode from scratch
  • Reverse-engineering bugs
  • Stack overflows and DEP/ASLR bypass
  • Format string specifier attacks
  • Custom ROP chains and ROP payload decoders
Included in the course
  • 15+ hours of video
  • 600+ page course guide
  • Active student forums
  • Access to virtual lab environment - 90 days

All students should have the following prerequisite skills before starting the course:
  • Familiarity with debuggers (ImmunityDBG, OllyDBG)
  • Familiarity with basic exploitation concepts on 32-bit
  • Familiarity with writing Python 3 code
The following optional skills are recommended:
  • Ability to read and understand C code at a basic level
  • Ability to read and understand 32-bit Assembly code at a basic level

Windows User Mode Exploit Development (EXP-301) is an intermediate-level exploit development course that serves to build a solid foundation for students wanting to pursue Advanced Windows Exploitation.
  • Learn to use WinDbg
  • Learn to riting your own shellcode
  • Bypassing basic security mitigations, including DEP and ASLR
  • Exploiting format string specifiers
  • The necessary foundations for finding bugs in binary applications to create custom exploits
You are most likely to benefit if you are a:
  • Penetration tester
  • Exploit developer
  • Security researcher
  • Malware analyst
  • Software developer working on security products, like antivirus software
What's included
  • Exam included


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