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Emerging cyber tech is fast moving and underpins the digital age. Through this ½ day workshop you will learn how emerging cyber tech is a business enabler. Come away having built your own Blockchain, secure in the knowledge that cyber tech innovations can be at the heart of digital transformation. Many people think of Blockchain of the technology that powers bitcoin while this was its original purpose Blockchain capable of so much more.


There are no prerequisites for this workshop.

Delegates will learn how to
  • We will breakdown the reasons why Blockchain technology tends to revolutionise the way we interact with each other
  • We will explain how and why Blockchain was designed to be decentralised and distributed across a large network of computers
  • How Blockchain reduces the ability for data tampering and modification and ultimately how the Blockchain creates trust in the data
  • We will equip the learner with essential information to understand Blockchain innovations, enabling it and them, to flourish in the new digital economy

Build a Blockchain

Learners will build their own Blockchain to experience how this technology is such a game changer. No more intermediaries. At present when doing business with other entities, we don;t share with the other person our financial or business records instead we rely on Trust intermediaries such as a banks and legal representatives to view our records and keep that information confidential. Because Blockchain is a type of technology and not a single network it can be implemented in many ways and industries. But much like the rise of the internet it will bring with it all kinds of complex policy questions around governance, international law, security and economics, which we will explore.


From Bitcoin to Ethereum, Litecoin and Ripple cryptocurrencies have transfixed users around the world. Aside from their drastic contortions in price, these volatile instruments have also trained a spotlight on the Blockchain technology underpinning them. Learners will understand what cryptocurrencies are, and how the Blockchain actually works. As part of the interactive workshop practical elements, we discover what if any personal identifiable information (PII) is obtained for using Blockchain. Whilst creating their own digital wallet and interacting on the Bitcoin Testnet, to send each other payments.


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