Solutions Architecture Security Practitioner

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Solutions Architecture Security Practitioner
This course is for Solutions or Technical Architects to gain a comprehensive understanding of information assurance.
Available as e-learning
Our three day Solutions Architecture Security Practitioner course provides solutions or technical architects with an understanding of information assurance. Many organisations, or projects, can often not afford an assigned security architect, and solutions or technical architects do not
always have a thorough understanding of information assurance. This can lead to systems being designed and built without the ability to mitigate current or emerging threats from today’s interconnected world. You will receive access to an online resource that includes content, exercises, model answers, topical quizzes with feedback, module tests and a mock exam to prepare you for taking and successfully completing the Global Certification Institute (GCI) SASP exam on the final day of the course.
Gain knowledge of how to architect a wide
range of security controls into a system.
Who Should Attend?
Solution or technical architects who wish to build security into their projects
Design alternate architectures or countermeasures to mitigate identified
information risks
Security professionals wanting to gain an appreciation of the technical and business aspects of their profession, or move into a more senior architecture role.
Learning Objectives 
  • Describe and apply security design principles
  • Identify information risks that arise from potential solution architectures
  • Ensure proposed architectures and countermeasures adequately mitigate identified information risks
  • Apply “standard”' security techniques and architectures to mitigate security risks
  •  Develop new architectures that mitigate the risks posed by new technologies and business practices
  • Securely configure ICT systems in compliance with their approved security architectures.


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