Advanced Threat Methodology

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Advanced Threat Methodology

Our six day GCHQ certified Advanced Threat Methodology course will teach you precisely how external threats attack the exposed digital surface of your organisation. This knowledge will allow you to develop strategies, system management techniques and user policies to defend
your network and critical information more effectively.

Develop skills using fully immersive, hands on training and utilising a variety of tools to understand cutting-edge cyber attack and information security breach techniques employed by real world attackers. Demystifying the process of a data breach and delving deeper into a ‘hacker’ mind-set.

Who Should Attend?
• IT professionals involved in operating and administering networks, websites and databases
• Those responsible for protecting their organisation's networks from threats.

Learning Objectives
• Understand how an attacker gains and sustains access to a remote network
• Gather information using open source tools
• Scan networks and servers using Nmap to analyse network traffic and enumerate remote web browsers
• Send client and server side exploits using the Metasploit Framework (MSF)
• Understand techniques relating to masking point of origin through pivoting
• Use web based attacks as a primer to conduct further attacks, obtain credentials and gather information on web servers
• Query the Windows Registry and the Active Directory to identify key information
• Use different attack vectors and attacks to access newer versions of Windows
• Set up a botnet using client-side exploits
• Understand how the UNIX operating system is used in attacks
• Understand the importance of managed network devices and their role
• Use Offensive Digital Forensics to identify key information post-exploitation
• Discover files of interest and where to look for them using different methods
• Obtain user credentials to demonstrate how they are used within a compromised network
• Understand how an attacker maintains a
low profile within a compromised network


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