GCHQ Certified Cyber Incident Planning & Response

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GCHQ-Certified Cyber Incident Planning & Response

Is your organisation prepared to respond to a data breach?
Is your organisation ready to deal with regulators after a data breach?
Are you able to comply with GDPR breach notification requirements?
Are you able to measure your organisation's breach readiness?

This course will enable you to prepare a defined and managed approach when responding to a data breach or cyber attack of an information asset. The content is intended for senior management and business executives who wish to gain a better understanding of incident response or who are responsible for helping organisations plan and prepare for potential cyber threats, and effectively deal with actual cyber attacks. This is not a technical course, therefore, there are no prerequisites.

This cybersecurity training course provides senior management and incident response teams with the vital processes, knowledge and skills to lead and manage a cyber crisis. The course is designed for senior management involved in responding to a cyber or data breach across an organisation. Including staff involved in:

Strategic and operational decision making
Information security
Enterprise risk management
Audit & Compliance
Business continuity
Service management
Human Resource Management 
 (ISC)2 members can claim 8 CPE points for attending this course. 


Delegates will understand:

  • The latest techniques and insight on incident response.
  • Threat Intelligence led testing and response framework adopted by leading governments and institutions.
  • Identification, Exfiltration or Manipulation of Data Balance of identification, exfiltration vs. manipulation. Pre-attack Research, Reconnaissance and Target Selection.
  • Planning and Preparation of Attack Components.
  • The business impacts of cyber breaches and real-world cyber attacks
  • Infiltration and Post-Infiltration Entrenchment.
  • SIEM, Analytics & Entity based anamoly detection and how to use it for effective response.
  • Design an early warning system to lower discovery time from months to days Create actionable plans & checklists to use today.
  • Understand, define and baseline “Normal” within your organisation.
  • Stop up to 90% of all cyber attackers in their tracks and before they breach your critical data.
  • Design and implement a response framework and build an effective cyber response team.
  • Secrets of managing TV reporters and media journalists.
  • The “golden hour” and why it’s critical to managing an incident.
  • Threat intelligence and how to use this knowledge to create an effective incident plan.
  • Latest techniques in ZERO­Configuration SIEM and relevance to detecting anomalous behaviour.
  • Basic application of incident triage, OODA and the Diamond Methodology.
  • Deep dive into Cyber Kill Chain.
  • Analyse recent attacks and learn how these attacks avoided detection.


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