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Anti-Bribery eLearning – UK Bribery Act | CPD Accredited eLearning | ComplianceBay
About the course
The growth of a company is often determined by bigger networks and various business engagements. However, hidden relationships in the background can negatively impact your business. This course is designed to teach you about the ill-effects of corporate bribery and the ways by which you can identify and control its occurrence. This course compares the UK Bribery Act and the US-FCPA (Foreign Corrupt Practices Act) and provides a comprehensive coverage to both.
Through engaging animations, real-life examples, scenarios, and interactivity, this eLearning module will prepare your employees not just to adhere to the law but also be proactive to recognise and report any illegal activities. 
Learning Objectives
Once the learner has successfully completed this training, the learner will be able to:
Explain corporate bribery
List the popular anti-bribery laws
Distinguish between the do's and don'ts of corporate hospitality
Describe your organisation's policy
Identify bribery practices
Counter bribery practices
Key Features of this eLearning
High quality animations 
Engaging voice-over
Captivating interactivity
Technically accurate content
Flexible delivery options (can be hosted on existing LMS)
CPD Certification
About ComplianceBay is an eLearning portal offered by Succeed Technologies to simplify and enhance the organisational compliance eLearning. We have the experience of working with several Fortune-500 clients and implementing their compliance eLearning solutions. 
All our courses contain high-end animations, voice-overs, and engaging contextual interactivity. All the courses available on the portal are CPD Certified and vetted by the industry professionals. 
Our specialisation is in the areas of:
- Information Security Awareness eLearning (ISO27001 Compliant)
- Data Protection Awareness eLearning (GDPR Compliant)
- Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (UK Equality Act Compliant)
- Anti-Bribery Awareness eLearning (US FCPA & UK ABA Compliant)
- Anti-Money Laundering eLearning (UK AML Act)
- Preventing Facilitation of Tax Evasion eLearning (UK Criminal Finances Act)
- PCI DSS (PCI Compliance)
- Sanctions and Trade Compliance eLearning (EU, UK, and the US)
- Insider Trading eLearning (SEC Compliance)
- Preventing Workplace Harassment eLearning (US EEOC)
- California Prevention of Sexual Harassment eLearning for Supervisors (US State Law)
- New York Prevention of Sexual Harassment eLearning (NY State & City Law)
- HIPAA Security Awareness eLearning (HIPAA Compliance)


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