Cyber Security Fundamentals

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Cyber Security Fundamentals

Our two-day GCHQ Certified Cyber Security Fundamentals course is an introduction to cyber awareness for those managing or leading teams who need to identify cyber risk within typical business operations. The course provides a broad overview of the cyber threat landscape, risks
and associated vulnerabilities with ‘cyber’ and the impact of a breach to businesses and individuals. It provides a fundamental level of knowledge required to inform and positively affect behaviours of end users, reducing the risk of losing or mismanaging sensitive information.

The course can be delivered at the PGI Cyber Academy in Bristol or in some circumstances we can deliver this training at client premises for group bookings.

Develop a well-informed, positive mind-set
towards cyber security to be able to design
and implement a strategic cyber security plan
with significant relevance to business risk.

Who should attend?
• Key decision makers within an organisation who will benefit from
becoming more aware of the risks presented by both human and technical vulnerabilities
• Professionals responsible for cyber awareness and IT security training for the workforce
• Those who use systems to interact with data and who need to understand how their behaviour affects the overall security of their organisation.

Learning objectives
• Increase your understanding of the cyber threat landscape
• Identify measures to secure your organisation’s digital footprint
• Analyse cyber crime case studies to demonstrate real-world consequences
• Identify techniques to drive a cyber security culture in an organisation
• Understand why organisational behaviour must adopt safe cyber practices
• Understand techniques used by adversaries and how to protect against
• Increase knowledge of safe and responsible use of information technology
• Understand the risks associated with information sharing using social media
• Gain insight into how to explain to executives the importance of cyber
security in an organisation.



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