Title: Mobile Devices- Layer 8 Toolkit®

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About the course

Title: Mobile Devices- Layer 8 Toolkit®
This course is for non-security employees within businesses who want to change employee behaviours and create a more secure working environment.
  • Available in App (IoS and Android) or Web
  • Easy to digest materials:
  • Hacker Diaries: Mobile Theft – audio
  • Video scenario
  • Animated analogy
  • Quick wins
  • Ways to get mobile savvy at work
  • Trusting people we’ve never met
  • 6-question end of module test
  • Automated completion reminder emails
  • Exception reporting
Upon completion delegates will be able to:
Understand the risks of data stored and transmitted on mobile devices
Pick up tips and techniques for safeguarding their device and the data on it
Duration: 30 minutes
Dates: n/a online (web and App)

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