Information Assurance Course

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About the course

Information Assurance Course

The Information Assurance Course is taught by qualified ex-military personnel with experience of working within the respective area within cyber security. Outside of teaching the course they are fully engaged in this field of expertise, using the techniques you will learn through the course whilst developing their skills in line with an ever evolving industry. They will give you real world insights into the roles you can be expected to go into, career progression available and are well connected within cyber security networks.

Information Assurance provides the security backbone in any business. Keeping data safe, managing risk and ensuring the right information gets to the right people is at the heart of the discipline.
Information Assurance (IA) relates more to how businesses protect their data, strategic risk management of information and related systems, rather than the creation and application of security controls. Therefore, in addition to defending against malicious attackers and malware, IA roles consider corporate governance issues such as privacy, regulatory and standards compliance, auditing, business continuity, and disaster recovery as they relate to information systems.
Before the Course
There are no pre-requisites for the course but you should have an interest in information security and it is recommended you complete the pre-course material and resources offered by Crucial Academy.
Once confirmed as a student our extensive pre-course material will be offered to you to prepare for the course and exam.
 During the Course

"The course will be conducted at one of our state-of-the-art Academies.

Week 1: Introduction to cyber security, cyber risk, cyber threats, cyber frameworks.

Week 2: ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implemeter course - How to implement an Information Security Management System, Board level commitment and budget securing, ISO27001 Lead Implementer exam.
PECB's Certified Data Protection Officer course - Introduction to GDPR, implementing GDPR, auditing and risk management, CDPO exam.

During the course you will take exams for PECB's ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer and Certified Data Protection Officer.


Course Qualifications
During the course you will take exams for PECB's ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer and Certified Data Protection Officer.
Please note candidates are responsible for their accommodation and meal costs throughout the duration of the course.

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