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Organisations must consider securing their systems and platforms that are linked across enterprise-wide and virtual private networks, notwithstanding connect mobile users. In this course, delegates will learn about the fundamental security concepts, security policy management and end-to-end network security. This course helps delegates to analyse the risks to networks and the appropriate countermeasures (firewalls and intrusion detection) to reduce exposure to network attacks and malicious software.

This course provides the essential network security foundation training needed to address the cyber threat lifecycle.


There are no specific prerequisites for this course, however, participants are expected to have a general understanding of cyber threats and risk management. This course does not teach TCP/IP or OSI model topics in depth.

Delegates will learn how to

    Networking Basics
    Fundamental Security Concepts
    Security Policy Management
    AD Group Policy
    Tunnelling & End to End Security
    Firewalls and Intrusion Detection
    Attacks and Malicious Software


Module 1 - Recap Networking Basics

    OSI Model

Module 2 - Fundamental Security Concepts

    Access Control
    Digital Signature
    Authentication, Authorization and Accounting
    Secure planning
    Policies and mechanisms

Module 3 - Security Policy Management- Active Directory Group Policy (GPOs)

    Introducing Group Policy
    Group Policy Management Console (GPMC)
    Group Policy Implementation

Module 4 - Tunnelling and End-to-End Security

    Security and network layers
    SSL / TLS
    Flaws and comparisons

Module 5 - Firewalls and Intrusion Detection

    Packet filtering,
    State full inspection
    Application gateways

Module 6 - Attacks and Malicious Software

    SQL Injection
    Cross Site Scripting


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