Understanding and Managing the Threat of Malware

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This 3-day workshop is designed to give delegates the technical ‘hands-on’ understanding and crucially analysing modern malware.

This instructor-led event will combine lectures on the types of malware currently in use on the Internet, how that malware is created and distributed, strategies used for infecting victims, and how malware can be detected and removed. The course also contains many hands-on exercises in which delegates will inspect and use different types of malware, create malware infections in a controlled virtual environment and clean malware from computers.


The prerequisites for this workshop are attendance of the QA Security Fundamentals course (www.qa.com/QASECFUND) or equivalent knowledge.


Introduction to Malware

    Exercise: Building a Sandbox

The Malware Family

    Bot Nets
    Web Exploit Kits
    Exercise: Rootkit infection
    Exercise: Ransomware Infection

Threats and Exploits

    Threat Intelligence
    Threat & Exploit Sources
    Exploits against the system
    Exercise: Exploiting the operating system

Distribution and Infection

    Distribution Methods and Tools
    Infection Vectors

Testing Scoring and Submission

    Standards, Schemes & Scoring

Operating Systems and Files

    Memory & File Management

System Hardening and Baselining

    Operating Systems & Applications
    Memory and System

Static Analysis

    Basic vs Advanced Analysis
    Tools & Techniques
    Exercise: Malware analysis - Static

Malware Evasion

    How Malware avoids Detection

Malware Discovery Techniques

    How to detect Malware

Dynamic Analysis

    Using Dynamic Analysis Tools
    Sandboxing Malware
    Dynamic Analysis and Reporting
    Exercise: Dynamic Malware Analysis
    Exercise: Memory Analysis



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10 Feb 2020 London Book now
10 Feb 2020 Online Book now

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