Hacking Techniques & IT Security (Module #2) - Hacking and Data Mining

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Hacking Techniques & IT Security (Module #2) - Hacking and Data Mining:

Hacking is the process of finding loopholes in a website, intrude into it and take control of the site or make it crash. To prevent malicious hackers from intruding into computer systems and networks causing severe harm, trained hackers are employed by companies to find loopholes or weaknesses in existing websites, computer networks and take measures to solve them. It is called ethical hacking.

Through this course you will be learning about introduction to computer security and cyber-crime, why cyber security, types of hackers attacks and spoofing, web spoofing and session hijacking, dos and buffer overflow attacks, passwords attacks, introduction to data mining, data mining subtypes, usage of data mining and controversies, goal, introduction to spamming, types of spamming and counteractions, general counteractions against spamming, damage caused by spamming, introduction to cyber terrorism, dos and potential of cyber terrorism, strength of internet, introduction of data mining, data mining applications, data mining and bi, confluence of multiple disciplines, why not traditional data analysis, classification of data mining, data mining functionalities, major issues with data mining, association rule mining, algorithm for frequent pattern mining, summary of data mining.

Course Objective:

  • Learn in detail about the concept of hacking, data mining & spam
  • Learn what is cyber terrorism & more in detail about data mining functionalities & classifications

Target Customers:

  • Students
  • Professionals in software
  • Anyone who wants to learn about hacking.
  • Academies / Institutes who impart training in hacking to IT officials.


  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Software skills
  • Networking technology
  • Internet and intuitive problem solving ability


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