Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing (Module #3) - Meterpreter, DNS and ICMP

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Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing (Module #3) - Meterpreter, DNS and ICMP:

Kali Linux, previously known as Backtrack was founded in 2006. It became famous with Backtrack 5, the most popular pentesting live CD. Later, it was relaunched with Kali Linux 1.0, and now officially as Kali Linux 2.0 Sana in 2015 with even GNOME 3 user interface. Kali Linux is developed and maintained by Offensive security pvt.Ltd.

Through this course you will learn about Command prompt backdoor, Meterpreter Backdoor, I am Root, Forensic escaping, Hacking win7 SAM database, Jack the ripper, Meterpreter commands, PDF embedded Trojan Horse, Java Applet Attack Method, MITM Attack, ARP Poisoning, DNS spoofing vs DNS poisoning, DHCP Spoofing, Port Stealing, ICMP redirection, Killing a Network, Ddosing unauthorised Network, Driftnet, EvilGrade, Introduction to DoS, DoS vs DDoS, Levels of Ddos Attacks, Preventing DDoS Attacks, DDoSing Windows 7.

Target Customers:

  • Basic understanding of computers and the internet.
  • Basic knowledge about software and their terms.
  • A passion to learn and interest in IT.
  • A desire to expand your knowledge about coding and IT in general.


  • HTML and CSS (would be required when modifying website source html files).
  • Working with Terminals and Command lines.
  • Scripting in bash using Shell and batch files.
  • Basics in either Python, C or Java.

However, none of the above are the pre-requisites and a person knowing only how to install operating systems and a tendency to solve problems can also become a master in Kali Linux Training.


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