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Python 3.5 Training:

Python Programming is a highly used dynamic programming language, it supports code readability and its syntaxes allow programmers to express concepts in fewer line of code. Python Programming also supports multiple programming paradigms which are object oriented and functional programming.

Through this educba’s course on Python 3.5 you will be learning about the basic concept of Python 3.5, how to set up the environment, the need for Python 3.5, you will be also learning about python calculator, strings, lists and indices, loops, flow control systems and also about defining functions.

Course Objective:

    • Learn the differences between earlier and current version of Python Programming Language.
    • Learn how the basic concepts of Python 3.5

Target Audience:

      • Students
      • Professionals
      • Anyone interested in learning Python 3.5


      • Basic Knowledge of Python Programming Languages
      • Passion to learn


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