Hacking Techniques & IT Security (Module #3) - Cryptography, SQL Injection and Wi-Fi

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Hacking Techniques & IT Security (Module #3) - Cryptography, SQL Injection and Wi-Fi:


Hacking is the process of finding loopholes in a website, intrude into it and take control of the site or make it crash. To prevent malicious hackers from intruding into computer systems and networks causing severe harm, trained hackers are employed by companies to find loopholes or weaknesses in existing websites, computer networks and take measures to solve them. It is called ethical hacking.


Through this course you will be learning about cryptography introduction, Caesar and sub position, cryptanalysis and types of encryption used, private key, public and private keys, public key and private key is formed in rsa, rsa continued, digital signature and digital certificate, introduction to sql injection, statistics of sql injection, working of sql query, sql injection working, structure of sql query, structure difference of sql queries, prepare statements, dynamic candidate evaluations, how to protect from sql injection, introduction to wifi, history of wifi, specification of ieee 802.11 standards, privacy and security of wireless network, working and application of wifi .

Course Objective:

  • Learn in detail about cryptography & its concepts of digital signature & digital certificate
  • Learn concepts of SQL injection its workings & structure

Target Customers:

  • Students
  • Professionals in software
  • Anyone who wants to learn about hacking.
  • Academies / Institutes who impart training in hacking to IT officials.


  • Basic computer knowledge
  • Software skills
  • Networking technology
  • Internet and intuitive problem solving ability


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