Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst Foundation

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Security operations training to help you respond to security incidents and vulnerabilities. Improve your operational security capability, leverage the security operations centre (SOC) analyst and specialist training techniques used in vulnerability management and security information event management (SIEM) platforms. Understanding the techniques provides a foundation for assessing and managing cyber risk through effective security incident triage. This course provides security operations analysts the foundation training needed to address the cyber threat lifecycle, looking at common and advanced attack vectors, detection, reporting and collaboration and simulated attack.

There are no specific prerequisites for this course, however, participants are expected to have a general understanding of cyber threats and risk management. The course is designed for individuals responsible for defending organisations from cyber attacks.

Delegates will learn how to
Security Management
Incident Response
Security Education
Security Information Event Management
Vulnerability Management
Threat Detection
Simulated Attack
Module 1 - Security Management

What is Security Operations
Finding the sweet spot
Security and Control
Security Goals
Reliability vs Security
Typical Security Flaws
Module 2 - Incident Response & Continuity Management

Incident Response vs Business Continuity
Incident Response Plans
Business Continuity Plans
Module 3 - Security Education

Implementing Security Programmes

Module 4 - Security Information Event Management

SIEM Processes & Architecture
SIEM Features & Functions
Security Auditing
Event Definition
Audit Logs - What to collect from Where
Data Analysis
Module 5 - Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management Process
Vulnerability Scanning
Remediation & Re-scanning
Module 6 - Threat Detection

Intruder Behaviour
IDS Systems
Anomaly Detection
Open Source IDS
Advanced Threats
Module 7 - Security Assessments

Penetration Testing
Red Teams
Scanning (NMap)
Firewall & IDS Evasion
Kali Linux
Social Engineering Toolkit
Module 8 - Simulated Attack - Defend - Attack

Offensive Defence Tradecracft


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