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For those who have heard about Bitcoin and Blockchain, and need to understand where blockchain could or will have a major strategic impact on their business, as a threat or as an opportunity where blockchain offers a tactical opportunity to improve, diversify or optimise current business activities where data and transaction immutability is key the disruptive opportunities blockchain ( shared ledger ) technology will offer This course provides a concise introduction with hands on exercise to provide a solid introduction. The day focuses on terminology and basic concepts of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, build a simple blockchain and appreciate its possible use cases, associated issues, opportunities and possibilities. 


This course is suitable for a wide range of people - from business managers to general IT workers, who need both an overview of blockchain capabilities and a technical view inside blockchain processing.

Session 1 - Blockchain

● Blockchain - the history

● Purpose - why is it, what is it? ( + examples )

● Blockchain - advantages and disadvantages

● Hashing - tamper proof transaction histories and SHA-256

● Digital Signatures: Public Keys - Private Keys

● Architecture - Centralised vs. Decentralised, Public vs. Private, Permissioned vs. Permissionless

● The Chain - Blocks and Records and Querying

● Consensus and immutability (Mining) - Proof of work (Stake), The 51% attack

● Double Spend issues

● The Blockchain Process

● Summary

Session 2 - Cryptocurrency

● Bitcoin - value, trust. A digital asset (2009)

● Buying and Selling - wallets, exchanges and price movement

● Bitcoin Transactions

● Bitcoin Storage options - wallets

● Bitcoin Payment - options and services

● Bitcoin Mining and Transaction fees

● Anonymity

● Altcoins - create your own

● Etherium and Smart Contracts - DAO, DAC

● Summary

Session 3 - Blockchain Workshop

● Ledgers - Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) : public and private

● The commercial players and BAAS ( Blockchain As A Service )

● Practical - Blockchain simple application: definition, creation and use ( And API’s )

● Summary

Session 4 - Extras and Summary

● Blockchain Use Cases

● ICO’s ( Initial Coin Offerings )

● Soft Forks and Hard Forks, SegWit

● Compliance, Security and Risks - Government, FCA, SEC, Tax, AML, KYC, BitLicense

● Next Steps and the future - barriers and opportunities - when to use, when to not.

● Summary


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