Hands-on Ethical Hacking: 1 Day Masterclass for Cyber Security Careers

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About the course

Have you ever wondered what it is like to be an ethical hacker?

  • This is your chance to take the very first step in cybersecurity careers. If you've been looking for a way to take the very first step into this career, this 1-day Masterclass is for you!
  • You will learn the fundamental information security & ethical hacking know-how and practical hands-on skills, and you will discover the most effective strategy to start your information/cyber security career in record time.

What will you learn?

About this one-day Masterclass

  • This day-long course covers the fundamental information & lots of practices to get you started with a brand new ethical hacking career.
  • Ethical hackers discover, identify and exploit vulnerabilities in a remote target system, by using the same knowledge and tools as those used by malicious hackers.
  • In this masterclass, you will learn ethical hacking with Kali Linux, scan targets with Nmap, exploit victims with Metasploit and get remote access to their information assets!
  • Learning the fundamentals of ethical hacking puts a powerful and very useful skill at your fingertips.
  • Jobs in penetration testing positions are plentiful and companies are constantly looking for cybersecurity professionals who have practical, hands on experience on Kali and Metasploit. Experts from the IT industry are also looking for simple yet effective solutions to keep their systems secure.
  • This course is perfect for anyone seeking to learn & practice fundamental ethical hacking and penetration testing skills to start a brilliant career opportunity!

Course Outline

  • Fast Track: Information Security Basics
  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking & Penetration Testing
  • Lab Environment Setup
  • Cloud Lab Access to Kali Linux and Other Systems
  • Working with Kali
  • Network Scanning with Nmap
  • Exploitation with Metasploit
  • Windows Hacking and Meterpreter
  • Remote Access to Victim

Bonus Lecture

The 5 Step Strategy to Land Your Dream Cyber Security Career and Enjoy 6 Figure Income & Exciting Career

Who Should Attend?

  • Recent graduates and professionals
  • IT enthusiasts and entrepreneurs
  • Anyone looking to enhance their technical skills and knowledge in information security
  • Anyone interested in exploring the cyber security domain from scratch

What are the requirements?

  • A willingness to learn and an open mind
  • Basic understanding of how computers work
  • Some linux and network experience is a plus
  • You will bring your own laptop to follow the practices

Why This Masterclass?

  • You will learn by doing, rather than listening to theoretical lectures.
  • You will have free access to CyberTransform Online Labs to practice the skills, where you can access from your browser and start hacking in the very first minute!
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Relaxed, convenient learning environment very close to the City of London
  • Free lunch will be provided :) (sandwiches, soft drinks, chips, refreshments, snacks)

What you will learn on completion

  • By the end of this course, you will be able to start using Kali Linux, nmap, metasploit and many other hacking tools
  • You will have the ability to scan networks to detect open ports and services
  • You will discover vulnerabilities by comparing your nmap scan results and related metasploit modules
  • You will exploit vulnerable applications with metasploit modules
  • You will access compromised servers and run commands remotely
  • You will discover the fastest and most effective way to start your cyber security career (bonus lecture)


“An excellent well delivered course. This was a great introduction to Nmap, Metasploit and meterpreter and helped me to get a better understanding of the basics of using these toolsand has given me a good grounding to do some more in depth testing of my own. The lectures are well presented and I found I didn’t need to ask any questions." Steve Conner

A good experience for somebody who is new to pen testing and would like to learn more. The instructor is very much to the point and doesn't waste much time when explaining the theory side of things. Overall I can recommend this to anyone who is looking at expanding their knowledge in this field :) Lewis Mason

"I was looking for a primer like this, and so far this is proving to be exactly what I wanted. I can't wait to see the next course from Emin!"Jim C Connell

"A great introduction for setting up the environment and get some first contact with pen-testing." David Regueiras


About your Trainer & Mentor - Emin Caliskan

Emin Caliskan is the Founder and Director of Cyber Security Training & Mentoring company: FeltSecure Labs in the city of London. He is a PhD educated, CISSP certified cyber security professional with 10 years of experience in information technologies, security consulting, penetration testing, and InfoSec training design & development. He is busy with serving large corporate institutions, as well as passionate individuals in the UK and US.
Previously, Emin was a researcher at Tallinn University of Technology and before that he was a member of NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Center of Excellence in Estonia as the national representative from Turkey. 
He has years of experience in leading successful technical solutions for industry leaders, and proven ability to design and regulate critical security programs and campaigns with the operational supervision of advanced penetration testing, vulnerability management & and threat assessment operations.
He is highly recognized for directing cyber security exercise and training program initiatives, as well as establishing and implementing key information security objectives and control frameworks.

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