Cyber Awareness for Execs

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About the course

Cyber security has become a concern for every business however it is not possible to focus purely on cyber threats and run a successful business.  The Cyber Awareness for Execs training course provides candidates with the fundamental knowledge required to incorporate security into strategic decisions and ensure that steps can be taken to reduce risks.

What Will You Learn?

  • Cyber Awareness for Execs focusses on Core knowledge to ensure all candidates understand the concepts of risk, threats, and vulnerabilities.
  • Candidates will explore supply chain security, a growing concern for modern businesses.
  • The course will provide insight into the anatomy of an attack and the levels of responsibility of the board room

Who Should Attend?

  • Business leaders, directors, and board members responsible for guiding strategy can benefit from this course


Core Concepts of Cyber Security

  • Defining and understanding risk
  • Types of threats in a cyber landscape
  • Identifying and resolving vulnerabilities

Supply Chain Security

  • Understanding the risks to supply chain
  • Nation State Actors

Anatomy of a 0-Day

  • What is a 0-day vulnerability?
  • What steps to take when there is no patch

Anatomy of a Hack

  • How hackers pick a target
  • Types of cyber attacks
  • Challenges identifying an attack
  • How to recover

Reaction and Strategic Response

  • Responsibility of the board
  • Embedding security within a strategy
  • Cyber Maturity Modelling
  • Protecting the company by protecting the data

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