Cyber Awareness (Workshops)

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About the course

Cyber security involves all employees within a company or institution, as such it is important that everyone has an understanding of what cyber security means and how hackers conduct attacks.  This knowledge helps users to act in a more secure manner and reduce company risks.  These workshops can be combined as required to ensure the best fit to your company.

What Will You Learn?

  • Workshops include common user concerns of email security and account security
  • Candidates gain an understanding of how attackers identify potential targets
  • Attack methodologies are explored to show how just one initial breach could lead to a full network comproimise
  • The importance of configuring devices with security in mind

Who Should Attend?

These workshops offer high level understanding of cyber security concepts with interactive elements to ensure users are able to understand risks and their part in ensuring security.  As such, ideal attendees will be users across multiple disciplines who do not have an understanding of security.


Email Security

  • Phishing attacks
  • Ease of cloning a website
  • Text is not what it appears

User Account Security

  • How to protect your password
  • Identify if you have already been a part of a breach

Plug and Play Devices

  • Why default configurations can lead to compromise
  • Web interfaces introduce potential targets

Using Search Engines to Identify Victims

  • How hackers pick a weak target
  • Types of data that can be found via Google

Living off The Land

  • How hackers hack without installing tools
  • Using windows tools to attack a network

Don’t Doubt the Ingenuity of Hackers

  • Obscure vulnerabilities researchers can find


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