Advanced Infrastructure Testing (Cyber Scheme Team Leader)

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About the course

Candidates will cover the steps required to compromise and escalate privileges across multiple systems in a multi-tiered environment. Hands-on labs provide candidates the chance to chain attacks together to compromise a network.

What Will You Learn?

  • Advanced Infrastructure provides the opportunity to identify and exploit vulnerabilities
  • Candidates are taught to leverage access and escalate privileges through different methods
  • Attacks are chained together with the chance to use different pivoting methods to access new network ranges

Who Should Attend?

  • Security consultants and practitioners looking to expand their knowledge of infrastructure assessments and take the next step in their careers.

Typical candidates consist of:

  • Penetration Testers
  • Security Analysts
  • Consultants prepping for CHECK Team Leader exams


Legal Considerations

  • Making sure you stay on the right side of the law
  • UK Laws regarding hacking

Network Enumeration

  • Network Mapping
  • Host identification
  • Firewall evasion
  • Port scanning

Protocol Assessment

  • Identifying protocols
  • Understanding common misconfigurations

Host Exploitation

  • Identification of vulnerabilities
  • Exploitation of vulnerabilities
  • Privilege escalation techniques
  • Breakout techniques


  • Pivoting methods
  • Host identification through pivots
  • Scanning through pivots


  • Wireless technologies
  • Wireless protocols
  • Common wireless attacks

Web Applications

  • Understanding basic application vulnerabilities
  • Exploiting admin interfaces


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