8 steps to post-GDPR marketing success

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About the course

To maintain GDPR compliance, businesses must embed the GDPR principles into their day-to-day business and marketing activities.

This essential training session is devised and delivered by B2B marketing and GDPR authority, Andy Grant.

Having already delivered 7 sell out GDPR training sessions for the B2B marketing community plus bespoke sessions for over 70 senior B2B marketers at KPMG and Torpedo Group. Andy will illustrate the parallels of matching GDPR compliance with an increased focus on inbound marketing coupled with the importance of delivering a consistent content management strategy.

This engaging training session will ensure that you are able to:

  • Articulate the key points of the GDPR
  • Develop a content management strategy to drive increased interaction
  • Explore Social selling techniques to create increased marketing results
  • Consider alternative marketing campaigns and tactics
  • Plan for customer re engagement campaigns
  • Select the most appropriate legal basis for processing personal data

Take away practical learnings that you can immediately implement into your business.

Sign up and be ready to get hands on with interactive practical group exercises, which will stimulate the desire for taking immediate actions when returning to your business.

Having completed this session, you will walk away with an understanding of the essential steps for marketing success post-GDPR to plan, deploy and engage with your customers and prospects. These include:

  • Considering alternative marketing campaigns and tactics
  • Including the principles of GDPR into all future marketing activities
  • Focusing on the data subject and adapting communication methods to their preferences
  • Streamlining your approach to setting up integrated marketing campaigns
  • Maintaining a GDPR complaint data and privacy policy
  • Educating your colleagues to explore social selling techniques
  • Accountability for all employees to adhere to the principles of GDPR
  • Coming to grips with the possibility of deleting data

Who should attend?

Product, Marketing & Operations Directors, Managers & Executives

This half-day course will provide the GDPR champion of your marketing department with practical steps to ensure GDPR compliance for all future Marketing campaigns.


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