Data Protection Practitioner Certificate

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About the course


Be confident that your organisation’s policies and procedures are legally
compliant with data protection legislation by completing Ireland’s first
certified data protection practitioner programme.


• Learn about core data protection principles, types of data (personal,
sensitive personal, etc.) and how they fit into current legislation (e.g. The
Data Protection Act)
• The syllabus focuses on how the data protection principles work in
practice, and on the promotion of good practice within organisations.
• You will learn about privacy through real world examples, and what
counts as private in today’s world
• Understand and distinguish between data protection roles (Subject,
• Controller, Processor), in particular the role of the Data Processor
• Discover what kinds of circumstances are exempt from data
protection legislation
• Learn what role the Data Protection Commissioner’s Office plays in
regulation and enforcement of data protection legislation Content
• Use the knowledge you have gained about data protection legislation
to make influential changes to your organisation’s data protection
policies, helping you remain competitive and compliant.
• This will increase your organisation’s confidence in its ability to protect
and manage data.
• Examine real-life case studies of data breaches, engage in
brainstorming sessions and come up with data breach response
procedures just as you would in your own organisation.
• The course places an emphasis from the outset on providing relatable,
real-world examples to back up any theory delivered during a session.
Students are encouraged to provide their own data protection issues, as
well, that can be openly discussed by the group.

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