CAPSLOCK Part Time Cyber Security Bootcamp - October 2022

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CAPSLOCK’s Part Time Cyber Security Bootcamps are intensive and rigorous retraining courses, designed to fully re-skill adult learners into qualified cyber professionals in 6 months. There are no up-front costs involved as we use Income Share Agreements (more on this later). And no, you don’t need existing cyber knowledge to apply. This makes our courses ideal for cyber security beginners, but they are also suitable for IT professionals looking to up-skill.
The education is delivered live online by industry professionals, via a revolutionary curriculum built around in-demand job roles and employer needs. The idea is to combine the academic rigour of a master’s degree with the speed and practicality of a bootcamp, allowing learners to enter the cyber security industry with high quality cyber knowledge and experience.
During your time on a CAPSLOCK course, you will attend over 360 hours of live, instructor-led tuition and have full access to our digital campus and virtual cyber labs. The Part Time takes 26 weeks (Mon-Thur, 09:30-12:30 and up to 3 Saturday mornings a month), but there is the option to study Full Time if you’d prefer.
The curriculum was built by the former lecturers who developed the cyber security master’s degree for the University of Bradford, in collaboration with some of the UK’s largest cyber security employers. This ensures you graduate with the skills and experience cyber businesses need.
The course itself covers a broad spectrum of cyber fundamentals, including business understanding, cyber ethics and culture, governance, risk and compliance, offensive and defensive security, and cloud security. The classes revolve around team-based learning and problem-based learning, meaning learners work towards solving real-world cyber security problems as part of a team. This simulates a realistic working environment, and creates an immersive learning experience which encourages engagement, exploration, innovation, and confidence.
The course also includes 5 well-respected and sought-after cyber qualifications: CompTIA Security+, CAPSLOCK Ce-CSP, ISO 27001 Foundation, CISMP and CSSK. It’s an all-in-one package that helps you re-train in cyber and gain industry recognised certifications. You will also have access to CAPSLOCK’s extensive pastoral support network, including 1-2-1 career help and guidance, coaching, and industry mentoring.
Recent CAPSLOCK graduates have been hired by the likes of the BBC,  ITV, Dyson, NCC Group, Hargreaves Lansdown, and many more. Graduates are seeing an average annual salary increase of £13.3K in their new cyber roles.  We’ve helped a professional dancer become a SOC analyst, a composer become a Cyber Training & Awareness Officer, and a supermarket assistant become a vulnerability analyst, among others.
And the best bit? You don’t have to pay for any of it up-front. Rather than charging learners a tuition fee, we use the Income Share Agreement (ISA) model, and are the largest provider of ISAs in the UK. You simply pay back 15% of your monthly income for 36 months after the course, but only once you are earning over £27,000 a year. ISAs are not classed as personal debt, they always stay affordable, and re-payments are paused if your income drops below £27,000. There are other funding options too, such as a student loan. You also have the option to pay up front if you can. 
Removing financial and academic barriers mean that anyone can apply to CAPSLOCK. You don’t need a degree, A-levels, or specific cyber experience, and you don’t need to fork out large fees up-front. We simply want applicants who are passionate about cyber security, willing to learn, and motivated to change their career. 
For more information about launching your new cyber career with CAPSLOCK,  click below.
Comfortable using a computer, good foundational IT knowledge 
Motivation to learn new skills
Determination to start a new cyber career
Problem Area 1: People & Processes, Weeks 1-3
Problem Area 2: Security By Design, Weeks 4-6
Problem Area 3: Identity & Access Management, Weeks 7-9
Problem Area 4: Offensive & Defensive Security, Weeks 10-12
Problem Area 5: Incident Response & Business Continuity, Weeks 13-15
Plus: Career Coaching & Impact Skills, Weeks 1-16
Technology Fundamentals
Emerging Technologies
Network Fundamentals
Basic Scripting
Operating Systems
Application Security (SDLC)
End Point Protection
Pen Testing
Cloud Infrastructure 
Applied Cryptography
Security Architecture
Threat Hunting
Industrial Control Systems
Big Data
Supply Chain Security
Threat Intelligence
Physical Security
Business Resilience
Laws, Regulations & Standards
Risk Management
MI & Metrics
Forensics Fundamentals
Incident Management
Human Factors
Business Understanding
Security Culture & Awareness
Impact Skills
Professional Communications
Mentorship & Community
How To Learn
Presenting & Public Speaking
Problem Solving
Career Counselling
Next Part Time Start Date: 10.10.22  – Application deadline 21.08.22 - 


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10 Oct 2022 Online Book now

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