GCHQ Certified Cyber Security Awareness

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Managers and business leaders are provided with a critical level of Cyber Security awareness; to encourage best practice to safeguard your business against ever increasing Cyber Threats.

This is not just an IT issue, people are key to promoting the right culture to exploit, manage and protect information effectively.Delegates will be equipped with key knowledge and skills to apply learning in the workplace immediately.By the end of this course, delegates will:

• Be able to de-mystify Cyber Security and understand associated terms and jargon;
• Know why knowledge of Cyber Security is critical;
• Develop an understanding of how Cyber Security impacts their role and business;
• Be aware of best practice, as well as the multiple threats and consequences (such cyber-attacks and social engineering, including ransomware, phishing and spearphishing);
• Gain an overview of relevant laws (for example, Data Protection Laws and the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation 2018); legal rights and their responsibilities;
• Know the importance of information assurance and building resilience including: strategy and governance; identifying and managing business information assets; managing risks;
• Build on understanding through real world case studies and scenarios;
• Know where to find further information and support.


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