GCHQ Certified - The Insider Threat including Social Media Best Practice

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Delegates will be equipped with the context and knowledge to understand best practice, to mitigate the risks associated with the Insider Threat. This course will help protect your business from financial, operational and reputational harm, which could be caused wittingly or unwittingly, by an Insider attack.
Our unique and holistic approach incorporates  people,processes, governance, culture and technology. With real-life examples and scenarios to consolidate learning, this course emphasises theneed to raise awareness and be proactive, rather than reactive to
Insider Threats.

This course will cover:
• The value of information and you and your organisation’s role in protecting, valuing and safely exploiting information;
• An overview of key legislation, policies and processes in relation to your responsibilities;
• The evolving Insider Threat and potential motivations and indicators;
• Social Engineering Threats and Social Media best practice;
• Organisational design, leadership and governance;
• The key role of Leaders, HR and Line Managers and IT
including best practice; detection; prevention; and deterrents to Insider activities; including Third parties;
• Exercises and real-world scenarios;
• Further information and support.


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