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Description: Hackers can access our sensitive information by phishing, vishing, social engineering, putting malware, Trojan horse to our devices. By the increase in the number of platforms, there may be an enormous number of back doors which hackers acquire our information and exploit. Also, if you write "how to hack Facebook account" or "how to hack a phone" thousands of resources can be found which shows the seriousness of the situation. Hackers can also collect your sensitive information by information gathering,a.k.a. reconnaissance. In this course, we will cover all aspects of social engineering with different techniques and tools. We will start with terminology and integrate it the practical usage and hand on experiences. We will emphasize import key points throughout the course. At the end of the course, you will easily understand necessary information about social engineering and take necessary precautions for yourself or for your organization.

This course includes the beginner levels so you don’t need to have a previous knowledge of social engineering, reverse engineering, malware, the Metasploit framework or information security. You’ll learn how to ethically apply social engineering.

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn by the end of course,

• Understand the main terminology of Social Engineering
• Create and distribute malware
• How open source intelligence (OSINT) can be gathered and used for hacking into
• How to send fake emails
• Learn about vishing (Voice Phishing) tools and techniques
• How to use Empire Project, MSFvenom, Veil, and TheFatRat


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