Ethical Hacking Certified Wireless Security Analyst (CWSA)

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About the course

This two-day course is for people involved in a variety of wireless network-related roles. It is designed to give you the skills you need to develop a more secure infrastructure around critical data and applications, and defend systems from unauthorised wireless attacks.


As wireless technologies become ever more pervasive, the need to consider the risks they present should form part of any information
security policy. This course gives you the knowledge of how hackers bypass wireless security as well as an understanding of the principles of wireless cryptography. Once able to identify and exploit vulnerabilities,
you will be introduced to a range of defensive countermeasures, allowing you to complete the final exercise of building a secure wireless network to protect information assets.


Learn how hackers and auditors alike test wireless networks for vulnerabilities Discover the latest security standards and practices in WiFi
Understand the threats to wireless networks, including rogue access points, denial of service (DoS) attacks and clientside (i.e. non Access Point) threats In-depth coverage of a comprehensive series of wireless security measures and their weaknesses, including WEP and WPA/WPA2 (i.e. TKIP/CCMP) and 802.1X authentication (although WEP is outdated, understanding its flaws helps to understand why the replacements are
better as well as introducing principles that underpin other security protocols).Understand how enterprise WiFi networks need not rely on pre-shared keys


This course will give you:
A thorough understanding of how hackers target wireless networks and
how to protect wireless networks (and clients) from attack in the real world A safe classroom environment to experiment with the tools Delegates leave with knowledge they can apply outside the world of WiFi, such as how public key cryptography works The course culminates in a hands-on exercise to create a secure wireless network using digital certificates for authentication Valuable preparation for the CREST Registered Penetration Tester (CRT) examination


CWSA is accredited by CREST and along with CSTA and CSTP is ideal preparation for the CREST Registered Penetration Tester examination. It is also ideal preparation for the CREST Certified Wireless Specialist
(CCWS) examination.CWSA has been assessed and accredited by IISP at Level 1: A6, B2 and C1 Level 1+: D2, enabling you to build knowledge,
competency and gain hands-on experience in the areas of the Institute’s Skills Framework.

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