Software Security Certified Secure Coding for Software Developers (CSCSD)

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This two-day course is for people who want to understand the technical controls used to prevent software vulnerabilities.It focuses on common insecure coding practices and examines how these can be addressed to make secure applications.


It is much less expensive to build secure software than to correct security issues after the software has been completed or deal with the costs that may be associated with a security breach. Securing critical software resources is more important than ever as the focus of attackers has steadily moved to the application layer. Building secure software requires an understanding of security principles and the goal of software security is to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information resources in order to enable successful business operations.
During the course, you will have access to a specifically created controlled environment to demonstrate the main areas of vulnerability and mitigation strategies.


You will learn about the vulnerabilities that arise from insecure coding and the array of hacking techniques that many attackers use to disrupt the way an application’s programming/ business logic worky ou will find out how to take a ‘defence in depth’ approach and ensure you consider
all the security issues that may arise while developing applications
You will gain an understanding of the most important principles in secure
coding and apply your new knowledge with examples and exercises in Java You will learn about the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL), a software development process that will help you build more secure software and address security compliance requirements while reducing development cost. This two-day course is for people who want to understand the technical controls used to prevent software vulnerabilities.
It focuses on common insecure coding practices and examines
how these can be addressed to make secure applications.“ The course was excellent and highly relevant to my work as a web developer. A variety of topics were covered and I thought that a good level of time was dedicated to the most prevalent and serious exploits CSCSD Delegate
Falck Safety Services Software Security Certified Secure Coding for Software Developers (CSCSD) Specialist-level course Accreditations


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