Digital Forensics Certified Cyber Investigator (CCI)

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This five-day course is designed to provide you with the confidence and skills to isolate, investigate and extract evidence from a live networked environment (as you would expect to find in a home or business network) during or after a cyber incident. You will spend a large proportion of the course practising these skills and methods in both physical and virtual network environments that replicate the challenges  faced by investigators in both the office and home cyber event scenarios.

You will learn and practice the critical skills needed to identify the correct forensic artefacts in a live network environment and how to preserve, extract and interpret them. We will show you how to correctly acquire and handle dynamic forensic evidence so that you do not inadvertently alter or destroy vital clues that could potentially result in your investigation failing or the resultant evidence being inadmissible in court. Upon completion of the course you will: understand how home and office networks work be able to reduce your digital footprint when accessing a network have the skills to identify and capture network traffic be able to identify a cyber event have the knowledge of how to examine and analyse relevant data artefacts be able to identify and capture relevant log files understand how to identify and collect volatile data types be able to secure and access a live network have the ability to identify devices attached to a network be able to identify and collect suspect network traffic (Ethernet and Wi-Fi) have learnt remote network collection methodologies and techniques

This course will enable you to:
Learn a number of methodologies for undertaking a sound cyber investigation Acquire and practice new techniques to extract relevant data from a live networked environment Gain confidence when identifying and capturing live operating system artefacts Improve your ability to respond effectively to a cyber event


This is an intensive training course designed for experienced forensic investigators and cyber security practitioners who already have a good knowledge of forensic investigation and want to extend their skills,including:
Law enforcement officers & agents
Digital investigators
Cyber incident response team members
IT security officers
System/Network Administrators/
eDiscovery consultants This specialist-level course is for professionals whose role
requires them to capture and analyse data from ‘live’ systems.
It introduces the latest guidelines and artefacts on current
Windows operating systems, and teaches essential skills for
conducting an efficient and comprehensive investigation.
“ This was the most useful networking investigation course I have been on in recent years. I came away with a substantial increase in my knowledge along with some very useful documentation.If you’re going to do one networking investigation course year, make it this one.”CCI Delegate Regional Cyber Crime Unit
Digital Forensic sCertified Cyber Investigator (CCI)Specialist-level course Cost: £2,750.00 + VAT Duration: 5


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