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Training Series Overview

This series covers everything you need to know about becoming a certified professional ethical hacker. Students will learn about security fundamentals, access controls, protocols, cryptography, vulnerability assessments, vulnerability tools of the trade, output analysis and reports, reconnaisance, enumeration and scanning, gaining access, maintaining access, covering tracks, malware, buffer overflows, and password cracking.

This series will fully prepare you to take the CEH exam. For a brief overview of the concepts covered in the exam, visit our Ethical Hacker series page.

Career Path: Professional roles include, but are not limited to Ethical Hackers, Security Consultants, IT Management, and Chief Security Officers.

Series Taught By: Tracy Preston

Certification Details

The Professional Ethical Hacker certification is the beginning of penetration testing. It shows that you hold a valuable skill-set in penetration testing by understanding the importance of vulnerability assessments and how it can help you prevent serious break-ins to your organization.

Certification Exam Details:
Certified Professional Ethical Hacker: Learn More about this certification exam.

Does this training qualify for college credits?
Yes! This course series, as an elective title, does qualify for 1-3 college credits to be applied towards a degree program offered at American Business and Technology University.

Available CEUs for Course Series Completion: 10
Students can earn up to 10 CEUs for fully completing this course series. This information will be displayed on the certificate of completion.

Course Features

Expert Lectures
Learn on-demand from top instructors who are industry subject matter experts. Our highly certified expert instructors possess a superior understanding of the subject matter in their fields and have the ability to convey this knowledge in an effective, engaging, and professional manner to a wide audience.

Certificate of Completion
Upon completion of a series of courses you can earn a certificate of completion from Learning247. Certificates of Completion will display your full name, course completed, as well as the date of completion. Students have the ability to print this out or save it digitally to showcase your accomplishment.

PowerPoint Visuals
Many of the in-depth theories and processes discussed in our courses can be learned most efficiently through the detailed PowerPoint slides presented. These visuals are accompanied by an instructor voice-over to provide our students with a clear, efficient, and complete presentation of concepts.

The immersive demonstrations in our training are a way for the instructor to present how to perform a task on-screen in front of the student. This feature gives the student the power to see tasks performed by a professional in the intended environment as many times as they would like, without purchasing expensive software.

Review Quizzes
Once a course is completed, test your knowledge by taking our course review quiz! Students have the ability to retake any review quizzes as many times as they wish to ensure they understand the material or to improve upon their scores.

Final Exams
Upon full completion of a training series, students can take a Series Final Exam, these exams are designed to test the students knowledge on all material trained within a series of courses. Students have the ability to retake any final exam as many times as they wish to ensure they understand the material or to improve upon their score.

Mobile Access
With our universal course player, you can learn from your computer, tablet as well as mobile devices. Keep up with your training on the go!

Each course comes with a printable workbook that makes it easy to take notes as you learn. They also include a review quiz answer key, complete with answer explanations.

Course Outline


  • Course 01 - Security Fundamentals 51m
  • Course 02 - Access Controls 33m
  • Course 03 - Protocols 36m
  • Course 04 - Cryptography 52m
  • Course 05 - Why Vulnerability Assessments? 36m
  • Course 06 - Vulnerability Tools of the Trade 10m
  • Course 07 - Output Analysis and Reports 13m
  • Course 08 - Reconnaisance, Enumeration and Scanning 51m
  • Course 09 - Gaining Access 31m
  • Course 10 - Maintaining Access 17m
  • Course 11 - Covering Tracks 18m
  • Course 12 - Malware 28m
  • Course 13 - Buffer Overflows 22m
  • Course 14 - Password Cracking 33m


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