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About the course

After hosting a number of hugely successful GDPR Workshops, we're returning with our next session in March 2018to ensure you don't miss out on preparing yourself and your business for the GDPR changes due in May 2018.

A one day GDPR Workshop that will give you a detailed understanding of the proposed changes to data protection legislation, equipping you with the knowledge you need to plan, prepare, safeguard and future-proof your business, your campaigns and advise your clients on what's needed.

The GDPR will impose greater legally binding obligations on organisations.  Data Protection Training will be mandatory, a Data Protection Officer appointed in most cases, financial penalties increased to €100 million and new stricter rights afforded to data subjects.  This session aims to give you a better understanding of all these aspects of GDPR and how you can prepare for the changes which come into play in May 2018.

Using case study based examples, the workshop will take you through practical examples of how to;

* Understand your legally binding obligations where data is concerned
* Application of the proposed changes to different scenarios
* Safeguard your organisation

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