GDPR Planning for Implementation Managers

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About the course

GDPR Planning for Implementation Managers

Planning and Implementing Your GDPR Obligations

This two-day course reviews the obligations GDPR places on your organisation and what is needed to plan, implement and embed the new business capabilities needed to deliver these obligations.

Who is this Course for?

Managers implementing GDPR within their organisation that need to understand the background to the GDPR, its requirements, and who need a framework that can be used to plan and manage their organisation’s implementation process.  This may include Project/Programme managers, Data Protection Officers, Compliance Officers, Information Officers, Data Protection and Privacy Professionals.

Senior staff with responsibility for overseeing or managing a GDPR implementation project.

What will I learn?

The course will include:

  • Key obligations of GDPR
  • Consequences of non-compliance
  • Importance of code of compliance bodies
  • Mitigating compliance risk
  • Main steps needed for planning
  • Core competencies required
  • Organisational impact and roles required
  • IT systems that enable efficient compliance
  • Embedding organisational change
  • Creating a programme not a project
  • Road map for the implementation
  • Key performance indicators for success
  • What happens after implementation


Training is most effective when delivered as a mix of theory immediately reinforced by practice.  This course is highly practical in approach.

This course uses a mix of presentations and practical exercises built around a case study, to guide participants through the planning and preparation process.


There are no prerequisite requirements and a knowledge of the current law is not assumed.

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