GDPR Training: The Role of the Data Steward

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About the course

GDPR Training: The Role of the Business Data Steward

Data Stewardship – The Sharp End of Compliance

This one-day course provides an overview of the role of Data Stewards, how this fits into your organisation, and the points that will need to be considered when implementing GDPR compliance.  Business Data Stewards will typically be appointed in end user departments to manage data governance activities within a functional area (such as HR, Marketing, Sales).

Who is this Course for?

Any employee who is or will be tasked with the role of Business Data Steward within an organisation and needs to understand how to be effective in their role, particularly in the context of GDPR.

What will I learn?

The course is a cost effective way to deliver improved results and will include:

  • What is a Business Data Steward
  • What is data governance and how does it fit
  • The importance of user departments taking ownership of their data
  • How to start performing immediately on return to the office
  • Awareness of the impact of GDPR
  • Practical steps to adhering to Data Protection regulations
  • The value of data as a business asset, data quality and profiling
  • Know the key questions to ask and what to do with the answers


Training is most effective when delivered as a mix of theory immediately reinforced by practice.  This course is highly practical in approach.

This course uses a mix of presentations and practical exercises built around a case studies, to illustrate the kind of issues a Data Steward may face in their role.

On-site and tailored versions of this course are available on request.


No prerequisite knowledge is required.  It is assumed that the participant may be new to role of Business Data Steward and that it may be part-time alongside other day to day responsibilities.

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