IT Security Foundation course

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About the course

Information security rests on three pillars: people, processes and technology. But for people with a non-technical background the technical security jargon is pretty difficult. The IT-Security world uses its own specific tools and the associated jargon. This course introduces you to the main technical tools and vocabulary in an accessible way.
Target audience
This course is aimed at those who have a limited technical background and for example don't know terms such as NAT, DPI, VPN.
Upcoming information security professionals
Service Management staff
Helpdesk staff
Required knowledge
There is no prior knowledge required to attend this course.
Exam, course material and Certification
The SECO-Institute exam is conducted by the EXIN and consists of multiple choice questions. The required knowledge for the exam will be addressed in this course. After successful finishing your exam you will receive the certificate "IT-Security Foundation" of the EXIN. Both the course material and the exam are in English. The Exam is not included. You can register for the exam via this link.
This course is the first level of the Certified IT-Security Officer certification track of the Cyber Security & Governance Certification Program from SECO-Institute. When you have completed the IT-Security Foundation course you have the required knowledge to continue with the IT-Security Practitioner course. More information on this certification program can be found on the SECO-institute website.

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