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Android is an open platform for mobile devices such as handsets and tablets. It has a large variety of security features to make developing secure software easier; however, it is also missing certain security aspects that are present in other hand-held platforms. This advanced course gives a comprehensive overview of these features putting an equal emphasis on both native code issues and Java security, allowing a deeper analysis of the vulnerabilities, attacks, protection techniques and counter attacks in three days.

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

Android application developers, architects and testers
Learning Objectives:
Individuals certified at this level will have demonstrated:
* Understand basic concepts of security, IT security and secure coding
* Learn the security solutions on Android
* Learn to use various security features of the Android platform
* Get information about some recent vulnerabilities in Java on Android
* Get understanding on native code vulnerabilities on Android
* Learn about typical coding mistakes and how to avoid them
* Get practical knowledge in using security testing tools
* Get sources and further reading on secure coding practices


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