Level 4 Cyber Intrusion Analyst

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About the course

The School of Information Risk Management (SIRM) offer an apprenticeship programme, Level 4 that will develop into a role of a Cyber Intrusion Analyst, apprentice will be able to learn to detect breaches in network security for escalation to incident response or other determined function.

A Cyber Intrusion Analyst will typically use a range of automated tools to monitor networks in real time, will understand and interpret the alerts that are automatically generated by those tools, including integrating and correlating information from a variety of sources and in different forms and, where necessary, seek additional information to inform the Analyst’s judgement on whether or not the alert represents a security breach.

Apprentices will be independently assessed at the end of their programme to be able to achieve the Cyber Intrusion Analyst Apprenticeship. The programme assessment will be done through Knowledge modules, end point assessment based on portfolio, project, employers reference and structured interview with the assessor.

This programme will help candidates who are accepted to the Apprenticeship to have job roles such as:

  • Secure Operations Centre (SOC) Analyst
  • Intrusion Analyst
  • Network Intrusion Analyst
  • Incident Response Centre (IRC) Analyst
  • Network Operations Centre (NOC) Security Analyst

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